Classroom Handbook

Classroom Handbook

Welcome to a new year at Pine Street School. I hope you had an enjoyable summer

holiday. I am happy to be back and are looking forward to getting to know your child this

year. At this time, we are busy learning classroom rules and routines. Being back at school

may require a little adjustment for some children. Your child may come home tired the

next few weeks as he/she gets used to the new routines and being at school full time. My

hope is that your child will settle in to our classroom; excited to learn new things and

build new friendships.


Our first goal together has been to talk about and establish expectations for our

classroom communities. These expectations are as follows:


We will . . .

  • treat our classmates and our learning environment with respect
  • try to use good manners at all times 
  • take turns and use kind, encouraging words
  • be responsible for showing our best work
  • and remembering to never give up, work hard, help each other, and have fun!

This year is going to be an exciting one, with many interesting and engaging learning

activities planned.

School Arrival

8:20 - 8:30 AM – Students arrive at school. Staff supervision begins. Students are not to play at the playground. They should go directly to their class line-up spot with their masks on. Grade one and two students enter through the Grade 1/2 doors on the west side of the school. Bus students will be dropped off at the bus lane and will walk past the playground to the grade 1/2 door. 

8:30 AM – students follow their teacher into the building, unpack their bag, and prepare for their day.

8:35 AM – Instruction begins.


Students who take the bus home will walk past the playground to the bus lane. If your child is being picked up from school, please meet him/her outside the West entrance. Dismissal is at 3:15 PM. 


If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please contact the school to inform us. The best way to let us know is to email our attendance secretary at: There is also a link on our school website on the Home Page – scroll down to the section on Attendance.  


Information (including monthly newsletters, weekly updates, reminders, etc.) will be sent to parents through Brightspace and/or email.  Brightspace is the new learning platform for those students who are doing ‘at home’ learning.  Students who are doing ‘at school’ learning will also have access to Brightspace.

Staying Safe at School     


Please ensure your child brings 2 masks to school each day.  Your child is bringing home 2 masks provided by the Alberta Provincial Government.  Please put your child’s name or initials on the masks before sending them to school.  Thank you for your help!

Washing and Sanitizing of Hands

Children will wash and sanitize their hands on a regular basis at school. Examples of when this  will happen are:

          *when they enter and exit the school and classroom,

         * before they eat

         * after they have been to the bathroom                                   

          *after they have touched classroom items.

Volunteering, Visiting the School, and Picking your child up early

Parent volunteers are allowed at school this year and will be contacted as needs arise. If you need to arrange an appointment to see me, contact the school directly at 780-467-2246 of send me an email. If during the school day, your child needs an item or has  to leave early, please stay in your vehicle and contact the school office. Our front office team will notify your child and direct him/her out of the school to meet you at your vehicle. 


Students will visit the library on Tuesdays. They are allowed to take two books out each week. Mrs. DeMarco is our library technician. Parents will be notified of any overdue books. Please remind your child when books are due, but help your child learn to be responsible by packing his/her own bag whenever possible.


Mrs. Vetro will teach the children music three times a week in the Music Room.

Physical Education

Each day your child will participate in physical activities, in the gym, classroom, or outside.  Please ensure your child has non-marking running shoes that can be left at school. Due to the current public health situation, we will be doing our physical activity outside as much as possible. Your child should be prepared for outside activities every day.


At 11:32, students have a recess outside, then they come in to eat their lunch at their desks from 12:02-12:32

Nut Aware School

Pine Street School is a nut-aware school.  Please be mindful when sending food items to the classroom.

Morning  and Afternoon Snack

Many students find that they need a morning snack to keep them going until lunchtime. Please send a quick healthy snack with your child if you feel he/she needs it. There is no afternoon recess scheduled this year, but we do have a short break at 2:08. We will be extending this indoor break to allow time for the children to have a quick snack.

Water Bottles

Please have your child bring a plastic water bottle to school. Please do not send bottles that are larger than 1 litre, and be sure the bottle is marked with your child’s name. Bottles will be kept on the locker shelves and can be refilled as needed. Water is the only beverage that is permitted in the classroom, except at lunchtime.


Birthdays will be recognized at school, however, treats from home will not be permitted at school this year.

Personal Items

Please make sure that clothes, masks, backpacks, lunch kits, shoes, boots and other personal items are clearly labelled. 

Portable electronics and cell phones are not allowed at school. The school is not responsible for items that go missing.


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me at the school (467-2246) if you have any questions or concerns. You can also email me at school. I will respond to your message as quickly as possible, however, I do not always get time to check my email while the children are at school. The classroom is a busy place! If you need a response during the school day, it is best to phone the school office.